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Is the pixel ad a fad? Probably. In the short term, however, pixel ads are generating a fair amount of buzz, so allocate a small portion of your online marketing budget to buy pixel advertising.* We've bought pixel ads from a handful of sites to test the utility of pixel advertising. Despite selling all its pixels, the original pixel ad site, The Million Dollar Homepage, is still sending us traffic, albeit much less than when we orginally purchased the pixels (2005-09-26). The Million Dollar Homepage also has a secondary benefit since it has a page of text links (see their Pixel List) which could be beneficial from a search engine optimization (SEO) point of view. Don't buy pixels on a site that is simply a clone of The Million Dollar Home Page. Look for a site which has taken the pixel advertising idea a step further. For instance, The Six Million Dollar Cube has, quite literally, taken pixels into a new dimension.

Six Million Dollar Cube - Buy Pixel Ads
Screenshot of TheSixMillionDollarCube.com

As an advertiser, you want a site that will draw repeat visitors. Smash My Viper is the most compelling example we've seen since this pixel fad began. It's really an entertainment site that happens to have pixel ads. Look for sites that have interesting content and sell pixels instead of other forms of advertising. It can be an inexpensive way to capture a larger audience. Consider Fosfor Gadgets, a popular blog that features a small pixel grid, shown below.

Fosfor Gadgets - Buy Pixel Ads
Fosfor Gadgets Pixel Grid

Contact us to find out which pixel ad sites are the most effective or read our Pixel Ads page on Squidoo. (Speaking of Squidoo, play a game of Squidoo TagMan.) Keep in mind that unless the site on which you're buying pixel ads has a very focused theme, you're buying untargeted traffic. If you want targeted traffic, run pay per click (PPC) keyword ads on the search engines.

In the long run, keyword advertising will continue to be more effective than pixel advertising. Notice that pixel ad information sites that have cropped up like ThePixelWars.com and PixelSiteLinks.com are running Google AdSense keyword advertising (Ads by Google) on their sites. Those ads are created by companies using the Google AdWords PPC keyword advertising platform. Whether the pixel ad fad fades or not, PPC keyword ads will continue to be the ideal online marketing solution. Peruse our quick tips covering Google AdWords strategies: Read our article which was published in the November 7, 2005 issue of BusinessWeek magazine: Use our FREE tools to research keywords and track Google PPC advertising campaigns: Hire us to handle your Google AdWords advertising campaigns.
Contact us with questions about which pixel ad sites have worked well or to request a free search engine marketing consultation for your site.



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