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Track Search Engine Hits [info] [demo]
See which keywords are resulting in clicks to your site from the major search engines. Know which search engine is sending you the most traffic. More >>

Track Search Engine Spiders [info] [demo]
Keep track of the major search engine spiders. See when they visit, which pages they crawl and if the crawl was successful. More >>

Track Google Content Ad Hits [info] [demo]
Want to know which Google content partners are sending you traffic? This tool will help you determine if you need to block any content sites. More >>

Track Yahoo Search Ad Hits [info] [demo]
Are you using Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing)? Use this software to see which keywords are working and which match types are being triggered. More >>

Technorati Tracker [info] [demo]
See how many hits to your blog come from Technorati. Check to see when the Technoratibot last visited your blog. More >>

Client Reporting Tools
We write custom web site analytics software for each of our clients to track their search engine marketing campaigns. See examples of custom reports generated. Contact us to become a search engine marketing client.

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