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search engine marketing services



A search engine marketing plan must start with keyword research and web log analysis. We don't offer these as standalone services. They are included with any of the search engine marketing services we specialize in. Learn more about our web log analysis and keyword research services.

Most search engines have a core section of search results often referred to as free or natural or organic search listings. To achieve high placement in these search results, a web site needs to be optimized to be search engine friendly. Learn more about our search engine optimization services.

Most search engines also feature a set of paid results, often called sponsored listings. On Google, these are the text ads to the right of (and sometimes above) the free results. On Yahoo, a block of these ads show up before the free results, after the free results and also on the right hand side. We can create and maintain ads on your behalf on these and other popular web sites. Learn more about our pay per click search engine marketing services.

If you sell products online and they are competitively priced, we can list them on shopping comparison engines. These sites display a picture of your product with a description and the price. Qualified buyers are then referred directly to the product pages on your web site. Learn more about our shopping search engine submission services.

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