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We offer a free consultation prior to embarking on a search engine marketing campaign. Contact us today to request a free consultation for your business.

<= See our fee structure listed to the left.
Fees for search engine optimization are fixed while the fees for pay per click (PPC) marketing vary depending on the scope of the online advertising campaign. The creation fee includes performing keyword research, setting up your account with search engines, writing the text for the ads and listing your ads. Maintenance fees cover ongoing ad optimization, expanding your list of keywords, managing bids and status reporting. PPC maintenance fees can be a monthly retainer or commission per click. The shopping search engine fees are fixed and include a maintenance fee to keep your product information current across the shopping search engines. Note that shopping engine services are not sold separately. We only offer these services to existing SEO and PPC customers.

Have you noticed that most search engine marketing firms do not publish pricing guidelines on their site? When you receive a proposal from Apogee Web Consulting, you'll know we didn't pull the prices out of thin air. Plus, for PPC marketing, we give you a choice: fixed fees or performance fees. You can also choose to pay a large creation fee and small monthly maintenance fees or a small creation fee and large monthly fees. We're confident that our PPC search engine marketing efforts on your behalf will increase your revenue, so we're comfortable with either pricing arrangement.

Keyword research and web log analysis are included with any of our search engine marketing services. We don't bill separately for these services. Both are fundamental to elevating your site. Looking at your web server logs, we can assess your current level of traffic and see what keywords are already resulting in hits to your site. Using that baseline, we set goals and will examine the logs at regular intervals to assess our progress.

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