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Why SEM?
Case Study: plantrex.com
Case Study: eco-strip.com
Case Study: analyticalinvesting.com
Google AdWords Tip: Negative Keywords
Google AdWords Marketing: Negative Keywords (more in-depth)
Free Keyword Research Tools
PPC Bid Management Strategies
Meta Keywords Advice
Mastering Google AdWords: Contextual Advertising
11 Tips for Google AdWords Success
10 Tips for Yahoo Search Marketing Success
Pixel Advertising vs Search Engine Marketing
Google AdWords Tip: Exact Match Bidding
Local Search Advertising with Google AdWords (UPDATED 3/30/07)

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Apogee Weblog - Search Engine Marketing Blog
TagMan Blog - Web 2.0 Tags Game Blog

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SEMPO.org: Online Florist Increases Sales Tenfold Through SEM
SEOchat.com: Search Engine Marketing Case Study: Analytical Investing
SEO Today: Google AdWords and Negative Keywords
Search Engine Guide: Pay Per Click Bid Management Strategies
Pandia Search Engine News: Avoid the Meta Keywords Tag!

Our Articles in Print
As Published in the November 7, 2005 Issue of BusinessWeek Magazine:
Search Engine Advertising is Essential for Modern Marketing (PDF)
Business Monthly (Dec 2005): 11 Tips for Google AdWords Marketing Success

Our Clickfraud Research
searchportal.information.com Google AdWords Click Fraud Tracking
Google AdWords and Parked Domains

Our Information Resources on Squidoo
PPC Distribution Fraud
Tweaker for Google AdWords
Pixel Advertising
TagMan | Play a Game Right Now!
Search Engine Advertising Tips

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