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NEW!  Do you use Google AdWords?  Follow these 4 Steps to Avoid the AdWords Ignorance Tax.

Search engines used to rely heavily on the meta keywords tag to guess which keywords were relevant on a web page. Now search engines are sophisticated enough to examine the actual keywords in the body of a web page. Major search engines place little, if any, value in the meta keywords tag. There is more risk than reward in using the meta keywords tag. (Read our meta keywords article for more information.) Here is our meta keywords advice: do not use the meta keywords tag. Since many web sites do still use the meta keywords tag, we have developed a free keyword research tool that will analyze the meta keywords of your competition. Use the tool to see what keywords your competitors are embedding in their meta keywords tags and then research these keywords using other freely available tools including WordTracker and Keyword Discovery.

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If you have found this free meta keywords research tool helpful, please either link back to this web page or blog about our free keyword research tool. Thank you. Also, take our meta keywords advice: Do not use the meta keywords tag. Do, however, consider using the meta description tag.

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