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See how we have applied search engine optimization techniques, executed pay per click marketing campaigns and distributed products on shopping comparison engines for the benefit of our clients.

Beginning in 2002, we helped transform the business model for Plantrex Flower Shop, proving to them that online sales could eclipse offline sales. We continue to manage many of their PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns.

Shortly after launching their web site in 2003, Eco-Strip requested our SEO (search engine optimization) services. In early 2004, after pursuing some fruitless offline advertising initiatives, they approached us about expanding their online marketing. We launched their first PPC ad campaigns and continue to expand them.

Analytical Investing approached us with a difficult problem. Their internet advertising budget was small partly because their product was a free trial subscription. They were also skeptical about PPC search engine advertising. We launched a small campaign in May 2004. Seeing the cost effective results, they have asked us to expand their search engine advertising.

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