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An effective PPC (pay per click) search engine marketing ad campaign must begin with web log analysis and keyword research. Once we've established a baseline of internet traffic and search engine activity from your web logs and found the best keywords to use, we build an ad campaign.

Think of us as your Internet advertising agency. We manage pay per click advertising accounts with major search engines including Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing You won't have to deal with any search engine directly. We'll craft your ads based on the keywords we have researched. We'll monitor those ads and report the results to you on a regular basis.

Your site will receive more traffic, high quality traffic, that will convert to sales. Based on your budget, we'll monitor the bids for your keyword ads. We'll make sure you're paying enough for good search engine placement but not too much. You'll only pay when potential customers click on one of your ads. No charges for impressions. That's the beauty of PPC advertising. You only pay for what you get and you pay for it as you're getting it. Your ads will run on high quality sites including AOL, Yahoo, Google.

Some of our clients were initially nervous about embarking on a PPC ad campaign. They were worried that they would spend an unlimited amount of money with little to show in return. For these clients, we set daily or monthly caps on the PPC ad spend and keep the keyword bids low. We often start with a handful of ads and a low budget. This allows a client to get used to the idea of PPC. Once they see a spike in traffic that leads to sales, their fears dissipate and they request a more ambitious PPC advertising campaign with a larger budget.

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