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A search engine marketing plan must begin with web log analysis. Your web log is a wealth of information. It tells you about each visitor to your site, what pages they visited and where they came from. Examining the data in the log files allows us to take a snapshot of your web site traffic and establish a baseline. This is crucial for measuring progress of an internet marketing campaign.

We use our own in-house web log analyzer software. This allows us to customize web site traffic reports to our clients' needs. You don't have any software to install. We generate the reports from your log files and build custom reports for you. These are the sorts of questions our web log analyzer can answer:
  • Which free search engines are you getting hits from?
  • What keywords are people searching on to find your site?
  • Which of our paid ads are resulting in hits?
  • Which comparison shopping sites are sending good leads?
  • Where are your content ads being displayed? [Free tool]
  • Which pages are visited the most?
  • How many unique visitors per day find your site?
  • Which pages are generating errors?
  • Which search engine spiders have found your site? [Free tool]
Web log analysis is included with our SEM Starter KitTM and all of our search engine services.

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