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Keyword research is the foundation for any solid search engine marketing campaign. For many of our projects, the longest phase involves performing the keyword research. We take the time to get to know your business and the industry your company operates within, in addition to simply reviewing your web site. This allows us to develop a comprehensive list of keywords from which we cull the best, those that receive a high volume of search traffic and/or low volume keywords that will bring you sales and/or leads.

We then apply these keywords to both PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns and SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. Once we launch a keyword marketing ad campaign or optimize web pages, our keyword research doesn't end. We constantly review web logs, ad campaign statistics, competitors' web sites and other sources, looking for new keywords to apply to our clients' search engine keyword marketing.

Keyword research is included with our SEM Starter KitTM and all of our search engine services.

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