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Plantrex Flower Shop: Flower delivery service

PROBLEM: Online since 1998, with little traffic and few sales. Competing with hundreds of other online florists. In March 2002, asked for help.
  • Make site useable and search engine friendly in time for Mother's Day 2002.
  • Expand advertising efforts to position the company to maximize Mother's Day 2003 sales.

SOLUTION: Search engine optimization and site redesign in April 2002, in time for Mother's Day 2002. Massive PPC ad campaign initiated in October 2002, adding new search engines and shopping engines every month. Optimized new pages as the site was expanded to sell new product lines. Dropped paid search engines that were not yielding quality leads. Tweaked PPC ads and added new keywords every few weeks.

This resulted in:
  • Traffic jumped 12,833% in 12 months
  • Site optimized and PPC ads in place in time for May 2003
  • Year-over-year sales increased dramatically

Google Ad Campaign Statistics Leading up to Mother's Day 2003
google ad campaign statistics


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