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Keyword Research Tools

Before embarking on a search engine advertising campaign, keyword research must be performed to determine the most relevant keywords for a particular web site. Keyword research tools are essential in this process. Here are some of the free keyword research tools that we recommend: The Overture keyword suggestion tool is the most useful of the free tools. It provides a count of the number of searches performed during a recent month for a given search phrase. One drawback to this keyword tool is that it does not (usually) differentiate between singular and plural forms of a keyword. The WordTracker keyword research tool does separate singular from plural so is often a good tool to use when it is important to know which form of a keyword to concentrate on. The downside to the WordTracker keyword tool is that the WordTracker system does not generate nearly as many searches as Overture, which distributes search results to Yahoo. The WordTracker tool is more useful, then, for high volume keywords. Most of the time, these are the keywords to focus on, though. The Google keyword tool does not issue a count of searches performed. This is a huge drawback. However, the tool does offer synonyms, much like a thesaurus. This is an incredibly useful feature for expanding your list of keywords. We recommend using all three of these free keyword research tools to help choose the important keywords for a web site search engine advertising campaign.

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