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Use trackYahooPaidSearchHits.cgi to see which of your Yahoo Search Marketing keywords are resulting in hits. This free web analytics software will examine an Apache web server log and will display hits generated by clicks on Yahoo Search Marketing ads.

Each hit from a Yahoo search ad will be displayed in a row with these columns:
  • Time
  • IP Address
  • Ad Type
  • Source of Hit
  • Search Keywords
The Yahoo Search Marketing Easy Track feature needs to be turned on in order to track the search keywords and see the ad type. Log in to your Yahoo Search Marketing account and click the ON button for Easy Track from the Account Set Up page. For upgraded accounts, turn on Tracking URLs. Ad types will be A (Advanced Match), S (Standard Match) or C (Content Match).

trackYahooPaidSearchHits.cgi - Uses a demo log file created from excerpts of one of our actual log files. We would never use our clients' logs. See our privacy policy.

For our clients, we provide an enhanced version of this script where the IP address is clickable if the visitor viewed more than a single page. Clicking the IP address opens a window which displays the entire visit. See a demo of the trackYahooPaidSearchHits_4clients.cgi version.

Download script [UNIX] [Windows] to your machine.
Edit the line that reads:
so the CGI script will know where your Apache web server log file resides. Also, edit the line that reads:
and fill in the domain name of your web server. Upload trackYahooPaidSearchHits.cgi to a directory on your web server where you can run CGI scripts. Change permissions to make the file executable (chmod +x or chmod 755). If any of these instructions do not make sense, ask your webmaster or web hosting company to handle this for you. Or, contact us to become a client and we will install this free web analytics software and other custom search marketing reports on your site.

This free CGI script only works on web sites using the Apache web server on a UNIX platform. It will parse a web server log that is in Apache combined log format. The Yahoo Search Marketing Easy Track option needs to be turned on (for upgraded accounts, turn on Tracking URLs). The script is open source code.

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