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We are often asked for web site designer recommendations. As a professional courtesy, we provide this list of recommended freelance web designers to help you find a good web site design company:

Web Design CompanySecond Street Web Design
Freelance Web Designer:  Melanie Gann
Web Design Skillsweb design, graphic design, animation, database applications, project management, cold fusion development
Web Site Design Sample:  This Search Engine Marketing Firm

Web Design CompanyMax Kelly Design
Freelance Web Designer:  Max Kelly
Web Design Skillsweb design, logo design, packaging design
Web Site Design SampleMaine Munchies

Web Design CompanyStingray Internet Communications
Freelance Web Designer:  Sherry Auxier
Web Design Skillsweb design, web hosting, graphic design
Web Site Design SampleHedwin Corporation

Web Design CompanyBarnstormer Design Group
Freelance Web Designer:  Deborah Bailey
Web Design Skillsweb design, graphic design, product photography, marketing consultation
Web Site Design SampleLonglife Pet Supplements


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