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Use technorati_tracker.cgi to examine the traffic your blog is receiving from Technorati. This open source web analytics software will examine an Apache web server log and will display hits generated by clicks from technorati.com and will also track the visits by Technoratibot.

Each hit from Technorati will be displayed in a row with these columns:
  • Time
  • IP Address
  • Section (Tags, Search, Blog Finder, Explore, Popular)
  • Keywords
At the bottom of the page, a bar chart will be displayed comparing the number of hits from each section on Technorati. Technoratibot visits are in bold and indicated by a section label of Technoratibot.

technorati_tracker.cgi - Uses a demo log file created from excerpts of one of our actual log files. We would never use our clients' logs. See our privacy policy.

Download script [UNIX] [Windows] to your machine.
Edit the line that reads:
so the CGI script will know where your Apache web server log file resides. Upload technorati_tracker.cgi to a directory on your web server where you can run CGI scripts. Change permissions to make the file executable (chmod +x or chmod 755). Post any questions, bug reports, suggestions as comments to this blog entry.

This free CGI script only works for blogs hosted on sites using the Apache web server on a UNIX platform. It will parse a web server log that is in Apache combined log format. The script is open source code.

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