TagMan for Bitty Browser

What is Flickr TagMan?
Flickr TagMan is a game that combines the classic hangman game with tags.

What are tags?
Tags are used to label the subject or category of photos and other items on the web. TagMan uses Flickr tags to generate words for the hangman game.

How do you play the game?
[See Bitty Browser window at right to play a game.]
When you start a game, TagMan will grab the most popular tags from Flickr and will choose one of the tags by random as your word to guess. The object of the game is to determine the tag by guessing a letter at a time. Each time you guess an incorrect letter, a part will be added to the hangman. When you guess a correct letter, that blank will be filled in. The game ends either when the hangman is complete (6 parts from 6 incorrect guesses) or by guessing each of the letters.

What do you win if you guess the tag?
If you guess the tag, you'll be able to jump directly to that tag's page on Flickr. For example, if the word was "zoo" and you won, Flickr TagMan would send you to the zoo tag page on Flickr. When you win, you'll see 3 photos from the corresponding tag on Flickr. TagMan is a fun way to explore the most popular tags.

Who wrote TagMan?
TagMan was designed by Richard Ball of Apogee Web Consulting LLC. Read his TagMan Blog.
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