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Google + DomainSponsor Click Fraud via searchportal.information.com

The purpose of this page is to document click fraud on the Google AdWords search network. These clicks originate from the Google AdSense for Domains program partner DomainSponsor and are masked by searchportal.information.com URLs. Tracking in web server log files, these referring URLs appear to involve search queries but are actually clicks on links. No actual search is involved - not even a direct navigation search.


Note the query= piece of the above searchportal.information.com URLs. Normal search queries do not have the first letter of each keyword capitalized. Searchers don't generally capitalize each individual keyword. These queries are not search queries at all. They are artificial searches, clicks on links on the iowagop.com domain, masked by searchportal.information.com URLs in server logs. See this screenshot:

iowagop.com powered by searchportal.information.com

The reason this constitutes click fraud is not because these clicks originated from parked domains. Generic domains that are parked can provide valuable clicks for advertisers. This is click fraud because the clicks came from the Google AdWords search network, not the content network, yet no actual search took place. For more details on this particular example, read Google AdSense for Domains + DomainSponsor.com = Fake Searches Click Fraud. For additional examples, read the following blog posts: Check web server logs for searchportal.information.com URLs when looking for click fraud.